Dulon Stainless Steel Polish 60 – clean, shine & protect


Clean, Shine & Shine

Professional cleaner & protector for all kinds of (polished) stainless steel like bollards, handrails, hinges, air scoops, catches, locks, latches, port-holes etc. It removes contamination, corrosion and provides a layer of protection.

  • Removes scale, lime deposits, corrosion, and other contaminants.
  • Deep lustre.
  • Long-lasting protective function.
  • Easy-on easy-off.
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Tips & Tricks

-Use a concentric polishing machine with a medium polishing pad and lambswool pad.
-Wash the treated surface at regular intervals using DULON PREMIUM SHAMPOO 03. It has additives which maintains and extends the protective effect.

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Storage & Use

-Store frost-free, in a dark and dry place.
-Ideal working temperature between de 5 en 25 oC.
-Do not use in direct sun light.