Dulon Bilge & Engine Cleaner 34 – Heavy Duty


Removes & dissolves oil, grease and sludge

Strong multifunctional degreaser, developed especially for cleaning and degreasing the engine, motor (compartment) and bilge. The product is safe in use, biologically degradable and removes substances like oil, grease and lubricants in an effective way.

  • Industrial -Heavy Duty formulation.
  • Removes effortlessly grease, oil, lubricants, etc.
  • Safe to use.
  • Biodegradable.


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Tips & Tricks

-Also excellent for degreasing and cleaning of other surfaces.
-For hard-to-reach places, use an angle tar brush and/or vacuum liquid pump.

C.R.P. indicator

Storage & Use

-Store frost-free, in a dark and dry place .
-Apply above 0 degree C.
-Do not use in direct sun light.